There are many fine details that those who want to decorate their home or workplace should pay attention to. There are things that need attention and focus on, both the furniture and the decorative objects that make up the tiny details of the room. These include undoubtedly the most of draws one the attention, wall decor and decorating products are used here. The design, which starts with painting as a basic step, can be enriched with various paintings or objects in later stages. Today, we will show you wall decoration ideas with photos.

How do you decorate a blank wall?

Prefer Soft Colors in Wall Paint

Prefer Soft Colors

Wall paint is an element that can change the atmosphere of the room instantly. So much that the dark tones of the wall color to be used in a small room will create a flattened and boring ambiance, far from the desired image. On the other hand, the thing that should be applied in narrow areas is to prefer soft colors. Thus, more lively and aesthetic environments can be obtained.

Walls are the most suitable places to ensure the accessory integrity of the room. The shelves to be mounted on the wall can be preferred both to put books and to provide a stylish appearance by placing various objects on them. At the same time, with more than one shelf, suitable areas can be created for items that are not wanted to be around. This is a good method to achieve aesthetic postures by saving space.

For those who like difference, wall decoration products consisting of colorful lights can be a good choice. Those who like a dim view in the evening and at night can create a beautiful decoration in this way.

Embellish Your Walls With Frames

Embellish Your Walls With Frames

Frames are among the indispensable decoration products of the walls. A different atmosphere can be added to the environment with photographs or pictures placed in them according to desire. Again, those who want to try interesting ideas and various patterns can get a design wall with empty frames in.

Mirrors are the must-have

Mirrors are the must-have for wall decoration

Undoubtedly, one of the important details of the wall decoration is the use of mirrors. In particular, it is often preferred to show narrow areas wide. Decorative mirrors to be placed on the wall opposite the window not only offer an aesthetic appearance, but also create a lively ambiance by distributing the light beautifully throughout the room.

Various decoration figures are also suitable for decorating the walls in rooms. Figures such as stars and snowflakes that will be placed just above the headboard in the bedroom have a different atmosphere.

Decorate Your Walls With Wood Painting

Wood Painting

Wood painting is a kind of hobby. Decorative products are obtained by painting various trays, boxes or coffee tables. It is also possible to use wood painting in wall decoration. Optionally, stylish objects for walls can be created by painting wooden pieces and decorating them with patterns.

There is a good idea for flower lovers. Pots to be mounted on the walls will bring the sweet energy emitted by the flowers into the room and will also be an interesting decoration idea.

Corner Shelves For elegant Walls

Corner Shelves

The corners of the walls are also very suitable areas for decoration. By placing corner shelves, candles can be placed on them, books can be placed or the atmosphere of the environment can be changed with colorful flowers in a small flower pot.

Various ideas such as paintings of popular cities, nature photographs or paintings with modern lines are also good examples for wall decoration. Those who love to paint can also create a special design by carrying their own drawings on their walls.

It can also be contributed to the design of the rooms with handcrafted products. For example, shoe boxes can be painted in colorful tones and hung on the walls, and decorative items such as vases and candles can be placed in them. As an interesting idea, it can be filled with patterned tapes by making a frame on the walls.

The products to be used in wall decoration depend entirely on the desire of the home owners. Design can be completed with classical objects or decoration can be supported with different ideas. The important thing is to reflect the style of the person. It is possible to create eye-pleasing environments even with small movements.

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