Do you want to spend the hot summer months in open and spacious areas? You may want to use the gardens and terraces and benefit from natural light. If you want to design more functional areas and add an aesthetic appearance; Be sure to review the ideas about the terrace models we have compiled for you.


1. Use of Artificial Turf

The use of artificial turf, which is visually appealing to the eye and does not require maintenance, will add color and warmth to the terrace decoration.

2. Use of Wooden Pergola

Consider terrace covering models. You can evaluate wooden pergola models in different styles that will provide functionality in open air and cover your terrace.

3. Use of Sunbeds and Umbrellas

Another element that will make the terrace pleasure unique is providing comfort. Enjoy the open air and relax through the sunbeds and umbrellas.

4. Terrace Furniture and Style

You can take care of harmony in terms of color, style, texture and materials. You can make a difference by evaluating furniture and accessories that emphasize some colors and textures.

5. Evaluating the Ideas that Offer Portable Usage Possibilities 

You can turn a terrace area into a resting place or a dining area, depending on the need. If you want to create a more tranquil atmosphere in the evening parties, you can use accessories that offer adaptable portable use. With the ease of transportation, you can design a certain area for the purpose.

6. Design Alternative Recreational Areas by Using a Hammock

Have you ever thought about enjoying the sun and open air during use and enjoying the hammock while reading your book? You can design the terrace decoration according to your comfort and leisure needs.

7. Mini pool pleasure!

An exquisite terrace model with natural beauties! You will never want to leave this terrace area with the pleasure of mini-pool and natural textures.

8. The Warmth of Wood 

For those interested in decorative ideas, natural materials can give a very eye-catching appearance, and you can have the shape-ability and aesthetic wood appearance.

9. Don’t Be Afraid to Use Vibrant Colors. 

The harmony and vibrancy of the color can change the terrace atmosphere completely! It may take courage to use bright colors, but when designed with the right approaches, you can have a terrace that makes a difference.

10. Transparent Surfaces that Don’t Interfere with the View

Transparent materials that do not interfere with the terrace view, glass railings can be considered as functional design tools.

11. Design a Service Window

If you want to design a terrace area that is connected with the kitchen, using service windows is among the practical solutions.

12. Use Simple and Plain Lines.

Simplicity and plain lines can help you capture the peaceful atmosphere you are looking for. Sometimes the harmony of simple forms bring the aesthetics to the terrace even more. The harmony created by contrasting colors such as orange and green adds liveliness and warmth.

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