Most of us complain about having small kitchens. In fact, a properly arranged small kitchen can be much more useful than a large one that is incorrectly organized. Remember, an ideal kitchen is a smartly organized one with maximum efficiency and practical storage solutions. The good news is that with a little creativity, even the smallest kitchens can become functional, well-organized spaces with a few tips. Let’s take a look at small kitchen decoration ideas that will make your kitchen feel much wider than it is and make it useful.

Materials To Help Organize

  • Wall Shelves
  • Drawer Organizers
  • Bookshelf
  • Kitchen Island
  • Baskets

Before you begin, consider how often you use everything in your kitchen and try to organize it in your head. So go to your kitchen first thing and sort out all the items you don’t use all the time. If you have items that you do not use, you can store them in a console, display cabinet or a suitable cabinet. Just make sure it’s conveniently available when you need it. If it really works, you’re much more likely to stick with the organization.

1. Add Wall Shelves

Correctly arrange a small kitchen, making it not only more functional but also larger than it is. For example, try using kitchen cabinets only in the lower part of the kitchen and replacing the upper cabinets with open shelves. Open shelves will make your kitchen look larger than it is and give you flexibility when placing your utensils. Sure, a hidden pantry with lots of storage space for your large spice collection is nice, but open shelves can work too. If it’s not possible to add some new built-in cupboards, consider hanging a few pieces wherever you can find space. 

To make the most of the space, you can choose to move the aesthetically pleasing dishes and bowls to open shelves and use cabinet space for less pleasing cereal boxes.

2. Use All Wall Space

Do not neglect unused wall space. When it comes to finding storage in a small kitchen, it’s important to look at these empty walls. The wall space serves everything from hanging magnetic strips for knives and other utensils to metal rods that can hold fruit baskets, to find storage in a small kitchen without pantry. You can also try installing wall storage behind the sink or near the area where you typically prepare food so you can easily reach your kitchenware. 

3. Organize Drawers

The more organized the drawers are, the more you can house them. You can invest in drawer dividers to get the most out of drawer space. Even if you don’t want to store dry foods in the drawers, you can extend this space and avoid clutter by keeping your kitchenware cabinets neat and clean.

4. Add Bookshelf

You think a bookshelf is just for books? Think again. Consider adding a bookshelf to your kitchen to make room for extra kitchenware. Stack matching dinnerware and mugs or add baskets to hide food, keep them cluttered and aesthetically pleasing. From dry foods to canned foods, a bookshelf can easily store what the pantry is insufficient to store. You don’t have to worry about the mess, all kitchen utensils will look good as long as they are well organized. 

5. Use a Wheeled Kitchen Island

If you have a small kitchen, it will be useful to have a movable kitchen island. By using a wheeled kitchen island, you can have a middle counter and extra storage space. And when you’re done, you can pull the portable kitchen counter to one corner of the kitchen to use it as a breakfast table, or pull it to another room to completely eliminate it. 

You can use your kitchen island for a specific purpose. For example, by creating a counter for dessert and pastry; You can store all relevant materials such as flour, sugar and rolling pins here. When you make things like cake pies, you can pull out your portable kitchen island and use the extra counter space and supplies you need. 

Probably it will be difficult to find a suitable sized and wheeled kitchen island. However, you can design your own private kitchen island by mounting lockable wheels on any furniture that will perform the same function. Or you can have it made as custom furniture.

6. Choose Light Colors

Be sure to use the light colors correctly to help your small kitchen look bigger than it really is.  Be careful not to block the windows and use a curtain that doesn’t block the light. The kitchen is where light is most needed. Therefore, you should use the right colors that will maximize the light. All this gives you comfort and well-being during meal preparation. Apart from that, it may be wise to cover walls with plenty of light colors, for example the top of the kitchen counter with reflective materials such as glass tiles or mirrors.

In addition, you can create a more spacious perception of space by choosing light and cold colors in your kitchen. For example, white, pale blue, mint green kitchens; They look larger and more spacious than red, black and orange kitchens.

7. Create Space with Hanging Baskets

A three-tier basket is perfect for storing fruit such as bananas and oranges, but can also hold dry rice, pasta and other lightweight bags. Even if you lack wall space to add storage space, almost every small kitchen has some unused ceiling space that can be creatively adapted. 

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