Anyone living in a big city will probably have trouble decorating their small bedroom. Why would the room that should contain the largest items of furniture such as wardrobes and beds be the smallest room?

If you are lucky, your room can fit a wardrobe and a bedside table in. However, when you have a small bedroom, you should know that we need to decorate it properly in order to use the space well. Small rooms can become quite cozy and cute when decorated well. But if you are not sure how to decorate a small bedroom, we would compile some tips to maximize your ability to use your space efficiently.

Minimal Items

Creating a seating area in your bedroom where no one can sit is both crowded and unnecessary. That’s why if you have a small bedroom, you should never have such a decorating style. In order to have more space, you should use less items and if possible, you should choose slim-form models. In addition, you should choose the furniture in light colors and prevent the lack of light from the furniture.

Bright Colors

We are sure that you will not want to prefer dark colors to avoid creating a moody atmosphere and a narrower-looking bedroom. Light colors on the bedroom walls always give the opportunity to create a more spacious environment. Of course, the light color meant here is not just white.

Using a bedspread with a bright color can greatly change the ambiance of your room. If your bedroom walls are white, bedspreads in bright colors like orange or blue can center the room  and keep the attention there. A white or gray bedspread looks nice too, but it fades with the background. The headboard can be the same tone as the wall.

Large Mirror

Putting a large mirror at side of the bed might sound strange, but it’s a great idea to make the space look bigger.

In general bedroom sets , we come across wardrobe options with large mirrors among. As you pay attention to choosing mirrored cabinets, you can also choose to use a mirror on the wall where you lean the bed. Thus, it may be possible to create an environment that looks wider and more spacious.

Plants on the window sill

Artificial plants reduce the energy of the environment, but living plants should be in every room. If your bedroom doesn’t have enough room for this, you can use the window sills to place a few plants. Here, you can easily plant by choosing small pots according to the area you have positioned them and change the atmosphere of the environment.

Invisible shelves

If you want to position more things in the room, using an extra closet other than the wardrobe and dresser will narrow the space considerably.

To decorate a small bedroom, you will first need to change the rules of the game. Like using invisible shelves, for example. There is never a suitable place to use a bookcase in a small room. Those wall shelves save you from piles of books.

Note: If your room has a very long ceiling, you can increase the number of shelves, but if your room has a normal-sized ceiling, then increasing the number of shelves will leave a little space. This will not be a correct use in terms of both the feeling and decoration it creates.

Create an Illusıon

How bad could it be to do illusion design tricks? You will need a little of these when decorating a small bedroom.

For example, hanging curtains as close to the ceiling as possible and making them extend to the floor. This will make the room appear to have a wider area and a higher ceiling. You can choose the color of the curtain the same as the color of the wall, but you should ensure that the tie you use when you want to collect the curtain has an interesting color.

Functional Options

We have recently begun to come across quite functional wardrobe options for the bedroom. Functional cabinets, which are located in the corner, have hidden compartments and have a very deep interior despite their small footprint, can turn into a very good savior.

Natural Light

Natural light can really make a big room out of your small bedroom. If your room has large windows, you can let in more natural light, but if your windows are small, you might want to get support from an architect. You can have a much brighter room when you place your belongings strategically according to natural light. 


Choose wisely the accessories in your room. If you don’t like clutter, but if you like a few cute ornaments and details, you should avoid using large accessories that will prevent you from fitting into a small room. You can usually make choices to decorate your walls. A few tables or frames that will be positioned elegantly will make your job easier.

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