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Eyebrow Tattoo Pen

  • REDDISH BROWN – Reddish Brown is a kind of Chestnut with RED tones.
  • JUST LIKE YOUR REAL BROWS & EASY TO USE – The tiny fork likes the brush. Angle fork tip across brows and draw hair-like strokes from anchor to tail. Repeat as desired for added intensity. It draws your eyebrows resembling 3D natural real hair.
  • WATERPROOF & EASY TO WIPE -The liquid is waterproof and easy to rub off. Do not rub your eyebrow too hard.
  • LONG LASTING – Our long-lasting formula delivers up to 24 hour wear that is smudge-proof.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: When NOT in use, keep the cap TIGHT and please store your pen with the TIP DOWN to keep your brow pens from drying out.
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Product Description

microblading eyebrow pen
microblading pen

Hi Beautiful,

Why are we extremely confident that our iMethod Eyebrow Tattoo Pen is the RIGHT one for you?

iMethod Eyebrow Tattoo Pen has the following advantages:

  1. Super easy to use and save your time.
  2. Give you the look of microbladed brows.
  3. Like your natural brows and make you look more attractive.

These benefits encourage a large number of makeup lovers to choose and stay loyal to the iMethod Eyebrow Tattoo Pen.

eyebrow tattoo
Eyebrow Pen

How To Prevent Dry

  1. When NOT in use, Keep the cap TIGHT and keep it UPRIGHT-TIP DOWN to ensure the tip can’t dry out!.
  2. For a pen version of a liquid eyebrow, ensure you always keep the lid on when you’re not using it.
  3. Just make sure you hear the CLICK when closing the cap!
eyebrow pencil

Why not be better and more beautiful with iMethod?


iMethod Beauty Team


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