It is the dream of many entrepreneurial souls with a business spirit to open a cafe one day in one of the busy streets of the city. Nowadays, we see that many cafes are closed as soon as they open, and we see that many of them have turned into places that are kept with their concept, decoration style and flavors they offer. First of all, we recommend that you make good budget calculations and be as creative and extraordinary as you can when opening a cafe.

Cafe Decoration And Creativity

You should not forget that the ambience and concept of the cafe you will open will be exactly a mirror of you and your ideas. This means that you need to define a clear style in the first step. Whether the beverage and food types that will be served in the cafe you will open include world cuisine, local flavors or Asia cuisine or serve fast food, of course, such details are directly related to decoration. In this direction; You can choose from countless cafe decoration styles such as bohemian, classic, vintage, retro, modern, pop art, oriental style, ethnic style.

After determining your style, we can move on to items and accessories, because the items to be used must be determined according to the style. At this point, if you have a limited budget, you can visit the old-fashioned shops or second-hand shops and to the products you have restored.If your budget is even more limited, you’ve cafe decoration suggestions from the palette can turn to.

Use of New Generation Cafe and Auto Accessories

An extremely luxurious place with a visual that will only serve to the top level can intimidate middle class customers at first glance. Instead, when you design spaces that are classy but at the same time your customers will feel peaceful and comfortable, you can host customers from all classes at the same time. Beyond that, you can go to car junkyards and buy clean auto parts, you can even include absurd accessories such as auto bodywork, auto seats, grass mirrors – headlights. You can’t imagine how sympathetic this kind of concept would be to your guests.

Utilizing Cafe Decoration and Artworks

You can make a difference to your competitors by using artworks in cafe decoration. In this regard, of course, original paintings will be quite costly, so you can buy imitations of such paintings online, or you can buy aesthetic wall paintings or panels from people who sell mobile paintings on the streets. In addition, when you decorate the walls with snacks – appetizing themed paintings, coffee themed paintings, coffee mugs, coffee beans, coffee sets or themes with city view illustrations, the whole ambiance in the space will gain a different character.

The Idea of Combining Many Styles in Cafes

If your area is very large, you can create decoration richness by creating different types of corners in this large area. In this way, each customer will evaluate the corner that suits their taste and style. You can include crowded groups by bringing seating groups together in cafe decoration design. At the same time, you can create mini corners away from the crowd by thinking of couples who want to be alone or guests who will read their book in a corner.

If you wish, you can even use a few styles such as modern, vintage, classic, retro in a wide area. However, you may need to seek professional help to adjust the appropriate dosage.

Cafes and Walls

Cafe walls are like gold warehouses that give away a place and therefore should be evaluated very well. When you evaluate the cafe walls according to the quality, color and characteristics of the item you choose, the pieces of the puzzle will fit in the best way. Just like black frames hanging on brick walls, shabby chic tin wall plates or black and white photos of Hollywood celebrities hanging on the wall of a vintage venue.

Cafe Design Similar to Home Environment

If you want your customers to feel at home in your large leather cafe chester , you can also include armchairs You can even make a mix of half seat half cafe tables and chairs.

Using Color in Cafe Decoration

Colors are one of the factors that directly affect human psychology in nature, fashion and decoration, that is, in every part of life. In this sense, we recommend that you gather some information about the energies of colors. When you add the style and ambiance of your cafe to this information, a harmonious concept will be created.

Most preferred cafe decoration colors; brown, gray-yellow, blue, green, red, wood colors, stone colors, purple and white.

correct use of lightning

No matter how much light the location where your cafe is located, you can place light games inside. For example, if a bistro – fast food cafe is located in a sunny spot, it will create a spacious place as well as providing advantages in saving electricity by bringing in the lights from large windows. Since the window of such a space will be perpendicular to the sun, light breakers and shades should also be included in the windows. On the contrary, if you are going to run a place that is a pub and bar derivative, you should choose light lighting that is not upright for a romantic, dim ambiance. Again, you should not neglect to make a good insulation for the customers sitting by the window.

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