The decoration of these very special areas in different sizes and serving different usage purposes is very important for some. It does not matter whether it is wide or narrow, you can create warm and cute areas that you cannot get enough of sitting with the right balcony decoration applications. Now, let’s take a look to the 17 decoration suggestions that will help you create these areas.

1. You can create a wonderful and energetic balcony with special models that can be mounted on wall pots, pendulum flower pots or balcony iron bars.

2. You can use stylish tarpaulins and  blinds to enliven the sun-drenched balconies.

3. By applying special mosaic applications to the wall or floor, you can add a colorful and special dynamism to your balcony.

4. You can use folding chairs and tables for narrow spaces.

5. You can use artificial fireplaces and oil lamps for romantic balcony pleasure.

6. If your balcony is windy and you want to grow plants, you can choose flowers that grow in cooler environments such as ground enamel.

7. If you have a balcony that is suitable for placing large flower pots, you can turn your balcony into a cute garden with dwarf shrubs such as tangerine, lemon and oleander.

8. You can grow organic vegetables and fruits by planting vegetables and fruits such as lettuce, pepper, parsley, tomato, strawberry in tall pots.

9. If your balcony is long and narrow, large furniture can limit your range of motion. Therefore, you can make your balcony more useful by using cushions and small poufs.

10. If you want to turn your balcony into a playground for your children, you can cover it with rugs and cushions.

11. If your balcony is large and you want to create a relaxation corner, you can use armchairs and small coffee tables.

12. If your balcony does not have a floor covering, you can make your balcony more comfortable by using a grass carpet.

13. To give your balcony a warm atmosphere, you can use colorful flowers and vines.

14. You can grow plants in different environments prepared with wooden cases and pallets instead of pots.

15. By covering your balcony with wooden floors, you can change the atmosphere as well as create a pleasant appearance.

16. You can support the carpet you use on the floor with floor cushions and pillows.

17. You can create a pleasant image decoratively by using candles or oil lamps for lighting. It is up to you.

12. Simplify or enrich the flowers, which are indispensable balcony decoration, and decorate your flowers with different pots. However, be careful not to have too much color confusion so that your eyes are not too tired.

13. In order to relieve the tiredness of the day on the balcony with the freedom of colors, you can decorate the seats with colorful pillows.

14. You can add accessories suitable for balcony different lamp shades or lighting you have made .

15. Thanks to the sliding and fully opening and closing glass balcony window designs, you can continue to use the balconies as a winter garden in winter.

16. If you want to create a stylish, modern and natural environment on your balcony; You can choose simple and comfortable wooden furniture that creates a warm and friendly elegance on balconies with their natural textures.

17. If your balcony is small and there is no room for plants when you create a sitting area; You can enliven your balcony by creating vertical gardens with pots that can be hung on the wall.

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